Version 2.9 beta

Version 2.9 of the Commons app is out for beta testing on the Google Play Store! \o/ You can register for beta testing here. If you experience any bugs or crashes, or if you find any aspect of the new features to be unwieldy, please do let us know on GitHub. There are several extensive UI changes in this patch, but with your help, we hope to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

New features

New main screen UI

Our new main screen UI features a more prominent Nearby tab and a floating action button for uploads. It also displays the nearest place that needs pictures (if location permissions and GPS are enabled), and alerts you if you have user talk messages that have not been read.

New upload UI with multiple uploads

You can now do multiple uploads within the app itself, without needing to use the stock gallery workaround! You will need to input a title and description for every image, but can select categories once for all. This design decision was reached because we did not want to risk vandalism where someone uploads their entire camera roll in one shot, but we also wanted to provide some conveniences for genuine multiple uploaders. We may reconsider this in the future depending on feedback.

Oh, and we have a new upload UI! 🙂

“Send Log file” option

We have revamped the “send log file” feature, which was not generating anything useful previously. If you are experiencing a bug, it would help us greatly with solving it if you send us your log file shortly after the bug occurs. To do this, go to Settings > Send Log file, and follow the instructions there. As mentioned in the subtext, please note that this may potentially reveal identifying information about yourself to us, so only do this if you are comfortable with that possibility. Logs are sent to a private mailing list that only developers who have signed a NDA with WMF can access, and we have made every effort to sanitize the logs. However, things like your location etc may still be revealed in them.

Major bugfixes

Fixed issues with wrong “image taken” date

There was a bug with v2.8.x releases where the upload date was used in the date template of images, instead of the date the image was taken. This has now been fixed.

Fixed default zoom level in Nearby map

Previously, the default zoom level in the Nearby map was too high, meaning that you would need to zoom in a lot before the map was usable. It should now be fixed to a more reasonable level.


Version 2.9 beta

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