IEG Update (August)

Phase 2 has begun, and I’ve been working on the newbie-friendly enhancements and new location-based features for the app. Below are summaries of the tasks I have completed or are working on this month:


Allow account creation from within the app itself (#48). The ‘sign up’ button previously redirected users to their browser, which breaks flow and poses a bit of an inconvenience. Initially the plan for this task was to embed account registration in the app programatically, but this turned out to pose several challenges that would have significantly increased the # of hours needed to implement this feature if we went that route.

Eventually, we decided to just embed the Commons mobile registration URL in a WebView, and override the ‘success’ page to bring users back to the login screen of the app. This approach appears to be the best of both worlds – we can use the Commons web registration system (so it will automatically update with any changes made to the system), but flow isn’t broken and the user doesn’t need to switch back to the app from the browser.

ieg-create-accountWarn users if they submit image without selecting categories (#61). A dialog was implemented to warn users if they attempt to submit an image without selecting any categories, and to stress the importance of categorization. The user still has the option to choose to continue with submission, as some people might prefer to add categories later.

ieg-no-categoriesWarn users if they press back button without selecting categories (#58). Pressing the back button on the category screen by mistake will irreversibly take the user back to the main screen without allowing them to select categories, whereas the upload has already begun. A dialog was implemented to ensure that leaving the category selection screen is intentional and not by mistake.



In progress

Add page to tutorial to educate new users on what types of images are useful (#95). I have been talking with Pine about the possibility of collaborating on the tutorial, and the plan is to re-use his educational script for Commons as the basis for our tutorial. As his script is not yet complete, this task has been pushed back a little and I have moved forward with the location-based features while waiting.

Display nearby wiki articles lacking photos (#73). This task is currently in progress. I am working on implementing a list of nearby places lacking photos, drawing from a CSV file that is maintained by the Wiki Needs Pictures project. I’ve hit a few snags, but substantial progress has been made and I estimate that this should be done in 1-2 weeks.

Add geocoding template (#35). This task is next on the list if Pine’s scripts are not yet ready for the tutorial task.


All in all, some minor changes and setbacks, but all seems to be going reasonably well. Looking forward to getting more new features in! 🙂

IEG Update (August)

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