IEG Update (July)

We are experiencing what I would term as ‘a good problem to have’. One of our measures of success was a 50% increase in active installs, compared against the benchmark of 217 active installs when my grant was approved. It was anticipated that we would only hit that mark after the publicity phase (Phase 3). However, it is only 3 weeks into the grant, and we’ve already exceeded that! 😮 We now have 337 active installs and counting.

Why is that a good ‘problem’? Well, due to the nature of how Android works. Unlike iOS, which is fairly standardized (AFAIK iOS devs only need to target one version and one type of hardware at any time), Android is a much more multifaceted beast. OS updates are not mandatory, so many manufacturers don’t push Android updates to their devices, especially older ones. As a result, the more users you have, the wider the variety of Android versions and hardware your app runs on, and the higher the potential of things breaking. Also, of course, more users try more things that you wouldn’t have thought of.


As you can see from the pie chart, our users are split between several versions. The most popular are Android 6.0, Android 5.1, and Android 4.4. Those are all very different and code that works for a particular version might not necessarily work for another. Also, the existing code for the app is fairly old (from a few years back), so several changes needed to be made to make it compatible with the newer versions of Android. The runtime permissions feature introduced in Android 6.0 in particular has been the source of several bugs.

My initial plan for Phase 1 did account for the possibility of a few new crash reports coming in… but I hadn’t accounted for anywhere near the number that actually did come in. As a ballpark figure, about half of the bugs that I have fixed so far were reported after the start of the grant. As a result, as Phase 1 draws to a close, I find myself needing to prioritize new bugs that were causing significant problems for multiple users (like the API 23 camera bug and the Google Photos bug), and having to potentially put aside some of the less-serious bugs that I was initially intending to fix (for instance, my pet peeve bug is Newly uploaded picture replacing some of the other pics (in My Uploads page) , but that hasn’t yielded any success after spending a few hours on it, and no other users have complained about it).

There is still about a week left in Phase 1, and I will do the best I can to fix what I can manage. Ideally, I would be able to fix everything. But unfortunately, realistically I think that would be unlikely before I have to move on to Phase 2. 😦

Update 29th July: Moving on to Phase 2 as planned. Most of the major bugs have been fixed in Phase 1, so fingers crossed that the new users that we are acquiring on an almost daily basis do not experience much trouble with the app.


IEG Update (July)

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