Outreachy Week #9

The bulk of the work planned for my Outreachy programme has been implemented – I can hardly believe it! Wrapped up the minimum viable product of Phase 2 at the end of last week, while fixing a stray bug from Phase 1.

I was actually asked what I’d like to do for this week, so I chose to work on the optional task in my schedule, which involves retrieving the user’s location if the uploaded image has no GPS coordinates, in order to offer suggestions for nearby categories. This would hopefully allow the feature added in Phase 1 (suggesting nearby categories based on an image’s coordinates) to be useful to more people, since it’s quite conceivable that someone might have location tagging disabled on their phone camera but might upload their pictures while still around the same area. Of course, there would be a preference to enable/disable this extra feature.

I wrongfully assumed that obtaining the user’s location would be as simple as extracting the GPS coordinates from an image, which I quickly found out was not the case. There are several ways in which it can be implemented, usually involving some form of LocationListener attached to a LocationManager. Mentor advised against using the fused location provider that required the use of Google Play services, so I’m trying out the method described at this blog and that for now. Ah, we learn new things every day…

On a side note, I’ve really enjoyed my time with Wikimedia Foundation so far, contributing to FOSS. Also, watching the number of active app installs on Google Play grow has been crazy addictive! I find myself wishing that it didn’t have to end… and maybe it doesn’t? I’ve been enquiring about further opportunities, and there appears to be a route I can pursue that might allow me to continue work on this app. We’ll see how it works out… 🙂

Outreachy Week #9

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