Outreachy Week #7

Made it through Phase 1 and the mid-term evaluation! 🙂 We’re deep into Phase 2 now, which involves improving the as-you-type category search. The existing codebase uses a prefix search for these category suggestions, which means that if you don’t know exactly what your category name starts with, you won’t get any pertinent suggestions. E.g. searching for ‘latte’ when you really mean ‘iced latte’ will not get you anywhere.

With the API query that we plan to use, you absolutely will get ‘iced latte’ – as the second category suggested, in fact. 🙂 The aim is for us to run that query (dubbed Method A) in parallel alongside the existing prefix search, and display the Method A results above the prefix results.

This is easily the most complicated code I’ve worked on so far, I think, since it ties heavily into the existing structure of the as-you-type queries. Phase 1 did involve writing many lines of code, but my feature could be added in a more modular (that’s the right word I think?) fashion, without really needing to alter the existing code much. Phase 2 is quite different from Phase 1 in this regard.

Will update soon!

Outreachy Week #7

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