Outreachy Week #6

Our first big release is out! 😀 Version 1.6, which ACTUALLY displays nearby categories when a user uploads a photo, hit the app store this week. Ohohoho. *happy dance*

On a rather more serious note, I realized that launching a major update is not anywhere near as simple as I thought it would be. The first release last week (v1.5) was supposed to work, but in actual fact worked for almost nobody (which is why I didn’t count it). Because I stupidly hadn’t tested the app on my real device, assuming that it would work the same as on the emulator. But it did not – my URI to filepath converter was not robust enough to handle a wide variety of picture storage locations (local, external, sd card, etc) and did not account for changes in KitKat that mandated a different method. Fortunately, with the help of the aFileChooser open source library, we managed to get it working.

Today, thanks to a crash report uploaded by a Marshmallow user, I found out that the permissions system had changed in API 23 and runtime permissions are now required. Which means that we need to fix this ASAP, otherwise nobody on Marshmallow can upload anything. Ooof. (Edit: Fixed it! v1.7 released, hopefully that’ll sort it out…)

Still, I’m psyched to be reaching the end of Phase 1, and we’ll be moving on to Phase 2 (more flexible category suggestions) as soon as we can, while awaiting more feedback.


Outreachy Week #6

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