Outreachy Week #4

Oof, what a tumultuous week! During the last week, I:

  1. Released a Google Play update for the app with GPS category suggestions displayed – yay!
  2. Prepared for what I thought was the next task (caching) and found out after a conversation with my mentor that getting the area and categories cached would be a rather more complicated task than expected, requiring the use of a third party library
  3. Also found out that I needed to get the recursive calls to the API with widening search radius done before doing #2
  4. Went on a short trip to the city for NYE – yay, pretty fireworks!
  5. Came back and tried to get the recursive calls working.
  6. Encountered a whole litany of problems and eventually needed to refactor the entire thing.
  7. Still trying to squish a bug. I’ll feel really silly when it (probably) turns out to be a small and simple thing that I missed.

I guess ups and downs are a pretty normal thing to face as a developer. Sometimes you breeze through a task that you thought would take much longer, and sometimes something that you thought would be easy ends up causing you no end of headaches. Sometimes everything goes smoothly, and sometimes plans change and you have to adapt.

On the bright side, I’ve found that I REALLY enjoy working remotely. Really, really, really do. It reminds me of how different we all are, when I read blog posts by folks who realize that working remotely isn’t for them. To me, it’s the bees’ knees! I have the freedom to work whenever I feel most productive instead of needing to pigeonhole myself into a 9-5 schedule, I can get to work with a 10 metre “commute”, I can work in PJs, get up and take a walk around the neighbourhood whenever I want to, do grocery shopping during off-peak times… I could go on, but you get the point :). The biggest complaint I’ve heard about working remotely is the loneliness, but honestly I haven’t really felt that way. Communication with mentors and other Wikimedians(?) via IRC and Hangouts is fine, and there’s family, partner, and friends for the rest of the day. I guess being strongly introverted ‘helps’ in that regard.

Onwards to Week #5, hopefully I manage to squish that pesky bug!


(I also realize I should probably change this blog’s theme since Christmas is well over, heh. I’ll get to it…)


Outreachy Week #4

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